Posted: 25th December, 2015

The Greatest Gift – for US!

Christmas is the season when people think about giving – giving money, giving things, giving time – and yet, after all the time, energy, and money that goes into what we give, as nice as it is, most of it is hardly memorable, either to us or to the people we have blessed with our gifts.

But just look at Jesus! Jesus has given us the greatest gift – He has given us Himself. Have you ever thought about it? Everything our Saviour did is His gift for us. You see, all that He did, He did for US:

Jesus, fully God, underwent the incarnation for US (that is, He took on our humanity, becoming a man for US)!

He experienced humiliation for US.

He suffered for US.

He died for US.

He rose for US.

And at the end of the age, He will return for US.

What is all of this? It is all Jesus’ gift for US; a gift that could never be given unless He came to earth and took on our full humanity so that His love for us was realized by Him as the MAN Christ Jesus. For US, Jesus put aside the glory of heaven and added our humanity to His divinity. This is astounding!!

And at the end of it all, as He is about to die for US on the cross, Jesus prays for the gift that comes with His sacrifice for US. He puts it this way: “I pray for all those whom You have GIVEN Me.”

Did you catch that? Here is the Saviour on the eve of His death, and His concern is for US!!! Here is the Saviour, and He is caring for US unto death. Here is the Saviour, fully God, and yet He became a man so that He could deal with US in our lost and corrupted humanity, so that we would have life and peace with God. Here is the Saviour who died to give life to US! Here is the Saviour who says to US: “My peace I give to you.” Here is the Saviour who says to US: “I want you to have My joy fully in yourselves.” Here is the Saviour who says to US: ‘I came that you might have life, and that abundantly.” Here is the Saviour of US, who says: “Let them be with Me in My glory.” Here is the Saviour who says to US: “Now I share My glory with you.” Here is the Saviour whose gift to US is a complete salvation: peace, joy, glory, forgiveness, life… all of this for US! Here is the Saviour who is thinking only of US, and the joy and the life and the glory that is to be for US.

What a gift for US is Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. Heaven is opened for us!

This is our Saviour. This is His love for us. Absolutely nothing is being held back from us. In His coming, Jesus did not bring things. Jesus brought Himself! He is “God with us.” And when His work on the cross is finished, He’s not finished with us. He doesn’t leave us. He remains interceding for us from heaven until He comes a final time. Jesus promises us, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you always.”

If you really know Jesus, if you turn to Him, repent of your sin, believe in Him, and give your life over to Him, then He is yours. You are given real and lasting change. You are given real and lasting joy. You are given real and lasting life. You are given Jesus Himself! No matter how difficult the situation you face, you can have the fullness of Christ.

This is Jesus’ gift TO YOU!

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