Posted: 5th November, 2009

I just finished reading your book PsychoBabble, and found it wonderfully refreshing in these days of twisted biblical “psychology.” I am very concerned with an idea that was put in our church bulletin yesterday, from an article by a well known Christian author. The idea is that “God believes in us.” Do you believe that God believes in us?

The idea that “God believes in us” is heresy. God IS. God is self-contained. We believe in God for salvation. God does not believe even in Jesus Christ in order for us to be saved. We believe in Christ. God does not need anyone outside of Himself, for any reason, at any time. God does not believe in people for any reason or purpose whatsoever. “Echyeh Asher Echyeh. I AM that which I AM.” God IS. That is it!

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Can a Christian work as a psychologist? Should Christians integrate psychological and biblical methods?

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