The Secret of Self-Control

God has provided a way to overcome sinful thoughts and behaviors, silence the victim-mentality, and gain the self-mastery and self-control that you seek. In these pages, a long-time Christian counselor and former clinical psychologist lays out the differences between a "God-changed" and a "self-changed" character. Dr. Ganz explains why anchoring yourself in God's Truth is so important. He underlines the necessity of obedience, and suggests how the application of God’s Word in your life makes a Spirit-filled, self-controlled, God-focused life possible. This practical, powerful approach to victorious biblical living will truly help you change for good and for God's glory.

Reviews & Acclaim

“The approach of Rich Ganz is biblical… while being intensely practical. It offers instantly applicable help, not just for those seeking to regain self-control, but for anyone who is weary of average living and eager to be an extraordinary man or woman of God.”
Pastor John MacArthur (Pastor and best-selling author).

This book is now out of print and is no longer available for purchase from us

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