Why is it that many evangelical preachers shout from the pulpit about God's power, but send their members who have problems to a secular therapist? Church pastors have come to believe psychology has the answers for the self-defeating sinful habit patterns, the wounded hearts, and the broken lives of God's people. When churches do offer counseling, it is most often polluted by the secular psychology and psychotherapy that have infiltrated and dominated the church.

PsychoBabble explains the dichotomy between Secular Counseling and Biblical Counseling. It shows the dangers of incorporating secular techniques into a Christian approach. PsychoBabble will arm you if you are looking for Scriptural answers to your problems. An anti-Christian bias has become increasingly pervasive in secular psychology. The church must denounce psychobabble, and look to the true source of all healing. This book will point the way.


Reviews & Acclaim

"A vivid book by a Bible-believing Jewish-Christian ex-psychotherapist, full of precious wisdom as to how God's power transforms troubled lives."
Dr. J. I. Packer (Professor of Theology, Regents College)
"Here is a solid Biblical approach to counseling from someone who has seen it from both the psychological and Biblical sides. Anyone who does counseling should read this book."
Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr. (Pastor, author of Ashamed of the Gospel and of many other books)
"Dr. Ganz threads through all the sticky issues as he confronts the psychological demigods of the Christian integrationists' pantheon and exposes their feet of clay. For those who have wondered whether the integration of secular psychotherapy with the revelation of God in the Bible is possible – here is your answer."
Dr. Jay Adams (Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary)
"At a time when much of the modern church seems to have replaced repentance with recovery, sanctification with serenity, and piety with therapy, PsychoBabble is especially welcome – and needed. I pray that it will receive a wide reading."
George Grant (Author, Executive Director, Legacy Communications)
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