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Nancy GanzWith a desire to see young people and adults know the Bible, and the God of the Bible, Nancy Ganz has written wonderful commentaries on the first five books of the Bible. Each commentary volume is separated into short lessons, with a study guide for each lesson. Writing from a redemptive, historical perspective, the gospel is present in every lesson. Nancy’s hope is that people will see Jesus from Genesis through the Revelation.

These commentaries are excellent resources for Sunday School classes, Home School classes, home study, and devotion.

Reviews & Acclaim

"Interesting and very competent… a major contribution!"
D.A. Carson (Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
"Where can one even think of finding such treasures as these fine commentaries on Bible books written for children? A tour de force in children’s literature."
Derek W. H. Thomas (John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology, RTS)
"These commentaries provide an incredible biblical theology. They re-tell the ancient writings, the first books of the Bible, in the light of the whole Bible. They do so with a firm grasp of its central, thrilling theme – the redeeming love of God in Christ. These commentaries are doctrinally sure-footed, warmly devotional, and refined over years of practical teaching experience. These lessons will prove an invaluable resource for all those engaged in training children for God. As society drifts ever farther from biblical moorings, here is a timely help towards preparing a new generation to stand steadfast in the faith and, by God’s grace, impact the world for King Jesus."
Professor Edward Donnelly (President, Reformed Theological College, Belfast)
"Bible commentaries for children? Yes, Bible commentaries for parents to read their children. This series of books provides what children need – solid growth, solid truths into which to grow. These commentaries are artfully written, and beautifully draw out the Old Testament narratives that are foundational for the Christian faith. I guarantee that your children will not want you to stop reading these books, and you will not want to stop either."
Ted Tripp (Pastor, conference speaker, author of the mega best-seller Shepherding a Child’s Heart)
"These commentaries for children are unique. They masterfully combine biblical, covenantal, historical, and practical theology, so that children and adults profit immensely from them. They help parents, and even pastors, bring truth to the mind of the young."
Joel R. Beeke (President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary)

From the Publisher

The power of God in creation is on display in the pages of these books. The style of these books is warm and engaging. Herein is Love will enhance and encourage your love for God’s Word. It will lead you into a deeper appreciation of what God has wonderfully done. We are not here by happenstance, but by the design and purpose of the will of God. These commentaries tell of the wonderful plan of God with all of its intricacies. This series delivers both a dramatic story telling of the narratives and an insightful commentary on the text of Scripture. Here is a trusted guide you can rely upon as you instruct your children with God’s Word. Use it to lead your family to an intimate and lasting encounter with truths of Scripture found in the opening books of the Bible.

An Article from the Publisher: What a Great Idea!

These are words I heard often this past week. I had the privilege of representing Shepherd Press at the annual conference of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors.  There were over 1,100 attendees at the conference.  In particular, I was privileged to introduce the Herein is Love commentary series to many who came by our booth. As folks began to see what these books are about, “What a great idea!” was the response I heard most often. Allow me to give three reasons I was thankful to talk about Herein is Love.

The first is that these volumes make the truths of the first books of the Bible accessible to families. The biblical narratives that speak of the beginnings of the universe and the nation of Israel can be overwhelming simply because of the vast scope of these two events. The author of Herein is Love, Nancy Ganz, brings a mother’s heart and a deep love of God’s Word to her readers.  These books are faithful to the Scriptures and written in a warm, inviting style.  Deuteronomy 6 is often cited as a mandate to teach children about the ways of God. Herein is Love gives practical help to parents who want to obey this mandate but feel a bit overwhelmed by the task. These books are truly different. Here is one way to describe them:

This series delivers both a dramatic storytelling of the narratives and an insightful commentary on the text of Scripture. With the teacher’s guide, these volumes make the first books of the Bible accessible to your family.  Here is a trusted guide you can rely upon to instruct your children with God’s Word.

Secondly, these books have many applications. They can be used in family worship. Often families need a place to start in doing family worship.  Herein is Love is that place to start.  They can also be used in many settings at church: as a Sunday School curriculum, as a basis for a Sunday evening or midweek service for children, or for use in an after school program.  They can also be used as part of a Christian school or home school Bible course. As I said, there are many applications!

The third reason I am thankful to talk about Herein is Love is that these books help children come to know and love Christ. The conference I attended this past week has to do with counseling issues. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many situations involving family counseling. There is one area that I find consistently lacking in families with relational issues—a weak understanding of the biblical narratives.  These narratives, particularly those in the first books of the Bible, contain important lessons and principles for addressing the struggles with sin and worldliness. Children need to know these principles thoroughly when they are confronted with the temptations of sin and worldliness. When they are not firmly grounded in these truths, much heartache and difficulty results.

Herein is Love goes beyond just imparting data. These books meet the requirement of Deuteronomy 6 that the truths of God’s Word be on the hearts of those who teach them to children.

"And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children…" Deuteronomy 6:6-7a  ESV

This is not dry material—the reality of the vital everyday life of the biblical stories shines through on every page.

Perhaps now you can begin to understand my enthusiasm for Herein is Love.  Here are the tools you need to bring the richness of Scripture to the daily lives of your family. Let me be clear. These books are not magic. You will not read through them in a few days, or even a few weeks. But, if you have a strong desire to see your children come to know and love God’s Word, Herein is Love is a great place to start. You will find yourself excited to be able to present these portions of God’s word clearly and confidently to your children.

You can also see why people responded the way they did as we discussed exactly what these books are designed to do. I am confident that after you examine them for yourself, you too will say, What a great idea!

Book Prices (CDN & USD) subject to change, ex S+H

  • Herein is Love: Genesis: $15.00
  • Herein is Love: Exodus: $10.00
  • Herein is Love: Leviticus: $10.00
  • Herein is Love: Numbers: $10.00
  • Herein is Love: Deuteronomy: (not yet available)
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