Free Indeed

In this practical and easy-to-read book, Dr. Ganz exposes the thought and behavior patterns that trap us and keep us from the freedom God offers us. Free Indeed is not teaching me-centered freedom, but true freedom found in Christ. It presents truth that impacts every area of life.

Includes thought-provoking study questions at the end of each chapter.


Reviews & Acclaim

Free Indeed aims to make us simply and boldly human.”
Dr. David Powlison (Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary; Counselor, Christian Counseling and Education Foundation )
“Every once in a while, a really wonderful book comes along. This is just such a book. Once you pick it up, you will not be able to put down. In this book, Rich Ganz takes on one of the most important issues in the life of a Christian: Freedom. In doing this, Dr. Ganz fills a void that desperately needs to be filled. There is nothing in print that has looked as carefully at this subject. It is a subject that touches every person on this earth. It is especially necessary in counseling, where enslavement is the norm.”
Dr. Jay Adams (Seminary professor, best-selling author, internationally renowned conference speaker, and founder of the Biblical Counseling Movement)
“Liberty is a slippery word in the hands of moral relativists. In this much needed book, Dr. Richard Ganz shows us that true liberty is found in the broken bands of sin’s death-grip through the person and work of Christ. His understanding of the Bible's message of liberty in Christ is deep and practical. Free Indeed is a much needed antidote to what often passes for biblical Christianity and freedom in Christ.”
Gary DeMar (Best-selling author, and President of American Vision)
“Much is being said about freedom these days. Dr. Ganz, from his wealth of experience as a biblical counselor and pastor, gives a necessary Christian definition of freedom that is realistic, to the point, well-illustrated, biblical and much needed, specifically in light of the neo-pagan revival which claims it has the corner on ‘liberation.’”
Dr. Peter Jones (Author of The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back and Spirit Wars)