20 Controversies That Almost Killed The Church

20 Controversies examines the assaults that threatened the Corinthian church, enabling us to see both the snares to avoid and the goal of godliness to be pursued. It might be surprising for us to learn how many of our present-day struggles were found in the early Christian church. In reality, the Corinthians were not very different from us. 20 Controversies presents a practical exposition of 1 Corinthians. It looks at issues such as divorce, divisions, discipline, lawsuits, headship, sexual immorality, speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts, and more.

This book is intended to help you live more fully and faithfully for God at a time when living faithfully is increasingly difficult. The pressures against godly living have escalated, and struggles abound on every side. That is why 1 Corinthians is such an ideal text for us to study. From a distance of 2,000 years, the letter to the Corinthian church shows us the snares that we must avoid in the Christian life and the life of godliness we must pursue.

Although it might be easy to see only the sin in the Corinthian church and in our own times, 20 Controversies shows us that in the midst of some of our most difficult times, God continues to see us as His people. This book shows us how God helps us face every problem we encounter, enabling us to be His holy people.

Includes study guide at the end of the book.


Reviews & Acclaim

“Don’t miss this one!”
Dr. J. I. Packer (Professor Emeritus, Regent College. Internationally acclaimed best-selling author.)
“Practical, biblical advice on how to show love for the fellowship of the saints.”
Dr. James White (Director, Alpha and Omega Ministries. Noted apologist, author, and debater.)
“A helpful and interesting exposition of 1 Corinthians. Rather than a verse-by-verse commentary, the volume offers a discussion of major themes. That Richard Ganz has sprinkled these discussions with examples from his own ministry further enhances it. Thoroughly biblical.”
Dr. Jay Adams (Seminary professor, best-selling author, internationally renowned conference speaker, and founder of the Biblical Counseling Movement)
“Dr. Rich Ganz has escorted our common rabbi, St. Paul, to the microphone so that his first letter to the Corinthians can be heard afresh by a generation that needs his message as much, if not more, than did the original recipients.”
Rev. Steve Schlissel (Pastor, Messiah’s Covenant Community Church. Noted speaker and author.)

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