Dr. Ganz's Background

Welcome to me! Vusmachsta? This is the Jewish way of greeting you and asking, "How are you doing?" I am doing great. My life is filled to overflowing. I am a long-time Pastor, church planter, seminary president and professor, biblical counselor, husband, father, and grandfather. In my former life, I was involved in a number of things I would rather not talk about. At the same time, I also managed to become a successful clinical psychologist. This is really not too difficult, when you consider how thoroughly messed up most clinical psychologists and psychiatrists are! I now write about these realities, as well as biblical realities (which are far more important). In the process, many people have enjoyed hearing and reading about my exploits, my insights into biblical counseling, and the application of biblical Truth to our lives.

This dynamic duo (life and truth) has made me a bestselling author and highly sought-after conference speaker in countries around the world. My work integrates over three decades of intensive biblical study (in three languages), nearly a decade of secular psychological training and practice (followed by nearly a decade of debriefing), a full-orbed pastoral ministry in the same church for thirty years (I have an amazingly gracious congregation – my own mother never came even close to putting up with me for that long), and thirty-seven years of passionate Christian commitment (for this, all the glory, power, majesty, and grace goes to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ).

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Can a Christian work as a psychologist? Should Christians integrate psychological and biblical methods?

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