Posted: 21st February, 2017

Always Pray and Don’t Lose Heart

By February, as winter continues, many people feel the need for refreshment and renewal. This can happen to us spiritually as well. Think for a minute about how easily we can lose heart; how quickly we can move from the heights to the depths, and come to a place where we see only darkness and gloom. How do we keep from slipping into discouragement and losing heart?

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that praying and not losing heart are intimately related. Does this surprise you? Jesus tells us there is a connection between prayer and being steadfast in Christ and not losing heart when difficulties come. In fact, the idea seems to be that if we do not pray we will inevitably lose heart. Our Father in heaven wants us to be strengthened. God wants us to have hearts that are strong and steadfast in Him. And the way for us to live out of new hearts that are strong and steadfast in God is through prayer, because prayer and fellowship with Him strengthens and steadies us…

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